Welcome to the Open Day in Ancient Zvenyhorod

We invite adults and children to attend our Open Day in Ancient Zvenyhorod on Sunday, September 22. We prepared workshops, archaeological sessions and tours for you.

On the programme:

15:30 and 16:30 – tours of the Museum of History of Ancient Rus Town Zvenyhorod for adults

15:00 – 18:00 activities for children (age 3 up) will take place in Zvenyhorod school:

1) Workshops dedicated to the topic of an ancient town: drawing, paper cutting, sculpturing

2) Workshop on making a traditional motanka doll

3) Archaeological session: everyone will have a chance to be an archaeologist excavating an ancient town

Organizers provide all necessary materials!

Ancient Zvenyhorod is the first historical and cultural park in Ukraine within the territory of an archaeological site. It will be made in Zvenyhorod village 25 kilometres from Lviv. There used to be a large town here almost a thousand years ago, being one of the first three princely capitals of Ukrainian Prykarpattia.

Directions to Zvenyhorod

A car ride from Lviv will take around 40 minutes. See coordinates: https://bit.ly/2lXpjYo

You can also use public transport:

From bus station 5 (2 Luhanska Street, DBK, tel.: 270-27-85) on Sunday:

Route bus to Hryniv village going by way of Zvenyhorod leaves at 14.05 

Route bus to Peremyshliany village going by way of Zvenyhorod leaves at 15.10 

The event takes place as part of the Ancient Zvenyhorod. Branding and Promotion of Princely Capital project supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation.