About the park

Ancient Zvenyhorod is the first historical and cultural park in Ukraine within the territory of an archaeological site. It will be made in Zvenyhorod village 25 kilometres from Lviv. There used to be a large town here almost a thousand years ago, being one of the first three princely capitals of Ukrainian Prykarpattia.

The future park will bring together recreational, cultural, scientific, museum and educational functions. In addition to spending time outdoors, the park guests will learn about the Age of Principalities in Ukraine as well as the history of Zvenyhorod itself.

The park area will exceed 30 hectares, with the primary focus on preservation of the unique archaeological site. 

A system of footpaths will be laid in the site of ancient settlement, with main elements illuminated and marked. Visitors will enjoy not only modern landscapes, but also recreated views of the ancient town through information stands and multimedia. The future park will bring the past to life through the latest technologies, including 3D reconstruction of the princely capital.


The existing central village square will be planted with trees and shrubs, illuminated and turned into a large recreational area. Linked ponds will be built here, as well as a small waterfall, wooden stands, pedestrian walk and a bridge. The existing footpaths will be realigned to connect different parts of the historical and cultural park.

Parking for private vehicles and tourist buses will be laid out near the central entrance. 

The park will give special consideration to children, creating a playground in Ancient Rus style.

The playground will consist of two areas separated by a moat and connected by a wooden bridge.

A wooden stakes installation, ‘Forest Stockade’, will be located in the western part, and the eastern part will host earth mounds with open wooden galleries, high ropes course for children, swings, wooden slides as well as ‘Chess’ installation from timber slabs and sculptures in the form of medieval chess pieces.  

Architectural details of the future part will create the atmosphere of the Age of Principalities to the fullest and take visitors to the medieval period. To achieve this, thematic medieval art installation will be made of wood using century-old techniques. Amongst others, it has been planned to use these techniques to make information stands, navigation signs, benches, trash bins, elements of children playground, pavilions on the edges of the park and the entrance gate. Design of architectural elements will base on the findings of archaeological studies conducted on the territory of Zvenyhorod. 


The project of laying a historical and cultural park within the territory of an archaeological site of Zvenyhorod town became the winner of regional development initiatives competition of the Ministry of Regional Development. Around UAH 12 mln will be allocated within the framework of EU sectoral support for its implementations. 

It is planned to finish building the park by the end of 2020.

In the first place, the park will be popular among Lviv inhabitants. However, it will spark interest of tourists from all over Ukraine and abroad. Building of the park should spur a number of projects on the territory of Zvenyhorod and the adjacent villages, from research and development to tourist events.