Princely Zvenyhorod in Virtual Reality

Now you can put on VR glasses and see princely Zvenyhorod, a town that existed more than 800 years ago (its golden age was in 12-13 centuries). 

12 locations of the ancient town will be reproduced in virtual reality by the end of October with financial support from Ukrainian Cultural Foundation and co-funding from Pustomyty District Council as a part of Princely Zvenyhorod: From Real to Virtual project. This will give a possibility of not only “walking” along the streets of Zvenyhorod, looking at the town from the prince’s palace yard or coming to the large town square, but also peeping inside of the buildings and seeing the interiors. Anyone can do it, coming to Zvenyhorod and using VR glasses which will be purchased for this project.

All VR reproductions will be based on the result of archaeological excavations: if you see a street in your VR glasses, it existed in the same place 800-1000 years before.

The project is the next stage of the last year’s project, when a 3D model of Ancient Zvenyhorod was created.

“The project is fully consistent with the spirit and newest principles for protection of architectural heritage. We are putting emphasis on conservation of authentic features and presenting a trip into the world of the past. VR is a chance to show an ancient town without rebuilding it or damaging the cultural layer and interfering with the centuries-old landscape,” says Natalia Voytseschuk, co-author of the idea and project manager, Ancient Zvenyhorod historical and cultural park.

The ancient capital will be recreated in virtual reality with the help of the consultants:

🔸Vira Hupalo, Doctor of Historical Sciences
🔸Volodymyr Aleksandrovych, Doctor of Historical Sciences
🔸Vasyl Petryk, Candidate of Architecture
🔸Kateryna Chuyeva, ICOM Ukraine, President

A technical team headed by Roman Dzhek is also working on the project.

Another component of Princely Zvenyhorod: From Real to Virtual project is creating an augmented reality application. It will comprise three functions at once: the possibility to use “time portals” which will be located within Ancient Zvenyhorod conservation area, the possibility to view specially created AR postcards, and the possibility to read a children’s book published as a part of the project. While developing the application, the project team will work side by side with Skeiron company that has many years of experience in this sphere.