Open Day held in Ancient Zvenyhorod 

Tours of the museum of historical Zvenohyrod, activities for children and archaeological workshop for the youngest took place during the Open Day in the future Ancient Zvenyhorod park near Lviv on Sunday, September 22. 

“Around one hundred children took part in workshops. They had a go at drawing, sculpturing or carving a town the way it could look almost a thousand years ago. The workshop participants drew inspiration from historic re-enactment, for owing to archaeological excavations of 1950 –1980th we can rather accurately reproduce the environment of Ancient Zvenyhorod of the 11–13th centuries,” – said Natalia Voitseshchuk, coordinator of creation of Ancient Zvenyhorod historical and cultural park.

At the same time, adults had a chance to learn history of former princely capital in the local museum. The most diligent ones took part in workshop on making a traditional Ukrainian motanka doll. 

You will recall that building of a large historical and cultural park will start soon within the territory of a national archaeological site in Zvehyhorod mere 25 kilometres from Lviv.  It will be made with the EU funding, allocating about UAH 12 mln.

The park area will exceed 30 hectares. It will bring together recreational, cultural, scientific, museum and educational functions. In addition to spending time outdoors, the park guests will learn about the Age of Principalities in Ukraine as well as the history of Zvenyhorod itself. Special priority will be given to preservation of the unique archaeological site. 

A system of footpaths will be laid in the site of ancient settlement, with main elements illuminated and marked. Visitors will enjoy not only modern landscapes, but also recreated views of the ancient town through information stands and multimedia. The future park will bring the past to life through the latest technologies, including 3D reconstruction of the princely capital.

The existing central village square will be planted with trees and shrubs, illuminated and turned into a large recreational area. The park will give special consideration to children, creating a playground in Ancient Rus style.

The Open Day took place as a part of the Ancient Zvenyhorod. Branding and Promotion of Princely Capital project supported by Ukrainian Cultural Foundation. 3D reconstruction of the princely capital of the 11th – early 13th centuries, video tour of the ancient town, brand book and promotional video of the park will be made with the support of the UCF and co-funding from Pustomyty Rayon Council and Lviv Oblast State Administration. Moreover, several presentations will be held in Ukraine and Poland: Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa, Warsaw and Krakow. 


Zvenyhorod was one of three princely capitals, where Ukrainian sovereignty emerged in Prykarpattia in the 11-13th centuries. The town was a key strategic point of the Western Rus territories. The first mention of Zvenyhorod in the Primary Chronicles dates back to 1086.

In the 11-13th centuries Zvenyhorod was among the largest towns in the region. 

Its golden age is attributed to the reign of Volodymyrko Volodarevych (1124–1141). There is reason to believe that Volodymyrko’s only son, later known as Yaroslav Osmomysl, was born in Zvenyhorod and spent his early years there.

Due to the particular characteristics of the soil, Zvenyhorod is among the few places in Ukraine where archaeologists have a unique opportunity to study the well-preserved remnants of the town which had existed almost a thousand years ago.